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Hi there! Thank you for shopping with us at Everyday Equestrian. I'm Charlotte, founder and owner of Everyday Equestrian. I was born and raised in Harwich, MA where I currently reside with my husband, son, horses, dogs and cats! I have always been passionate about working with animals and helping them. I have been riding on and off since I was a little kid. Being an adult amateur rider with my horses at home I wanted to have comfortable and affordable clothing for riding and barn chores. This was hard to find, and that sparked my idea to start Everyday Equestrian. Where people like myself can find equestrian clothing online easily at affordable prices.
I always want to support animal organizations which prompted the desire to donate 3% to a non-profit equine organization. We currently have Mills River Creek and Sanctuary on our donation list. I would love to expand our donation list.  If you have one you would like to us to support, please reach out to us at hello@everydayequestrianapparel.com

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Supporting Equine Rescues

Every horse deserves the opportunity to become someone's "heart horse". We've partnered with equine rescues across the U.S. to create Limited Edition items highlighting a special horse at that rescue.

100% of proceeds from our limited edition items are donated to each equine rescue.

So you can feel confident your contribution is making an impact.

Spring 2023 partner
Little hooves rescue

Based in Encinitas, California Little Hooves rescue was founded in March of 2019.

Little Hooves has rescued and rehomed over 300 minis, horses and donkeys since opening

Little Hooves is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that has been bringing in new miniature horses, donkeys and mules from auctions and kill pens every month.

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our collection of rescue partners

Each quarter, Everyday Equestrians selects a new equine rescue to partner with, giving us the opportunity to support four different rescue organizations per year. Working closely with the rescue founders, we choose one special animal from their sanctuary to serve as the inspiration for our Limited Edition apparel. All proceeds from that Limited Edition item are donated to that organization.